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Postcards 1939 Miami Country club

The Miami Daily News Record (mdnr) is my major source of information. When I cannot locate area golf news I may also use the Joplin Herald (jh)  as a source. For the sake of the “Timeline of the Miami Golf and Country Club” I have chosen to use the exact words from the newspaper writers because they date the times and the language of golf, and the cultural standards from the war and depression years.

1941 March 4 mdnr  "Grist from Sports Realm" by Mac Bartlett

Miami Country club's getting some shrubbery to improve not only scenic effects but give the swingers some additional hazards...The golfers are returning by the day for pre-season training...A few of them didn't really quit...Pro Jack Guild already is thinking about the State P.G.A. which comes to Miami on May 20 and 21...He is thinking how nice it would be if Henry Picard, former national P.G.A. champ, would come to Miami for a day or two...Picard is  head pro at the Oklahoma City Twin Hills club...Jack also would like to see Ky Laffoon pick Miami as the qualifying point for the national P.G.A. 

41 March 4 mdnr "Tee Shots-Associated Press"

Note: I felt this article pertained to our history of local golf because of the impact of the newer golf balls and equipment, even back in the 1940's and 1950's. 

Craig Wood, Mamaroneck, NY, professional, says the modern golfer gets more than 40 percent more distance out of the ball he uses than grandpa did. During the New Orleans open tournament the other day Wood tried driving balls made in 1888, 1899, 1902, 1924, 1938 and 1941. Hitting all balls both with and against the wind he averaged 180 yards with a gutta percha ball of 1888. The 1899 model averaged 185 yards; 1902 model 188 yard; 1924 model 217 yards, 1938 model 232 yards and the ultra modern 1941 ball, being used in this tournament for the first time, 258 yards. 

Back in 1457 when the British parliament was trying to put down golf in Scotland in favor of archery, the ball consisted of a leather casing stuffed with feathers. Although it often flew apart, the sphere wasn't improved materially until the 19th century.  

The 1888 ball was covered with gutta percha hide and had a rubber center. At first the cover was smooth, until it was discovered by accident that old balls went farther and straighter. After that balls were marked by hand-hammering. 

Professionals, who made balls just as they later made club shafts, would remold balls much as tires are retreaded today. Eventually a press supplanted the hand-hammer method of marking. Early in this century the "liquid center" made its appearance, in a water core ball sold by one manufacturer. When his patents expired in 1919 all manufacturers turned to the liquid center, still in vogue.

(Personal Note: as a child of the 1950's I cherish those funny memories when we would find worn out balls or balls cut by the mowers. We would begin to peal the rubber threads and wait for them to explode out of our hands and roll around the ground, like a living thing."

1941 March 17  "The Grist" by Mac Bartlett

Add to the future lists of Miami War Dog football squads: Charles M. Harvey III, who weighed nearly 10 pounds on arrival at Miami Baptist hospital yesterday...He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Harvey, Jr.,...And to the future golf teams of this city the name of David Allen Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Robinson, who made his debut some time ago and will be carrying golf clubs quicker than you think...

1941 March 24 mdnr "Tee Shots"

Wind ripping out of the northwest was at the foursome's back as Ray Moore of Tulsa prepared to approach No. 9 green from 65 yards out...Selecting his club, he surveyed the shot briefly, swung into the ball and it soared toward the pin...As it come to a rest, about three feet short of the cup, Ray quipped that if a new photographer had been there he'd have tipped him off beforehand "so he could have preserved the blight of that ball."...As it was the Tulsan got a birdie four on the long hole...John F. Robinson, Sam Fullerton and Buck Bagby were in the foursome with the visitor...Their scores weren't in the low brackets; neither was Moore's. 

It was Miami Country club's largest links contingent that played in Sunday's stiff breeze...Weather conditions otherwise were idea...Wood Laffoon, who was inducted in the army several weeks ago, was among the players.  Wood eventually was turned down at Fort Sill and given an honorable discharge after his leg began to bother him in long marches...Hospitalized, he was treated for two weeks or more but the leg wouldn't stand up..."It really doesn't pain me much, but it sort of ached like it does after I play 36 holes of golf, he said...Laffoon isn't going back to Colorado as a links pro...He may take an assistant-ship under a well-known pro in the East... 


 More than 50 club members took advantage of the warm sun and gave the course a test...They round it just as tough as ever...Among the new playing members was Leroy Dukes, who swings a good club...Here are names of those listed on the Pro Jack Guild's register:

Jim Campbell, G.C. Niday, Ivan Fisher, Ruth Barr, Lois Barr, Eph Niday, Wesley Bullock, Bert Wall, Jack James. Wilton Taylor, Cecil Coop, Ward Settle, Claud Jones, John F. Robinson, Sam Fullerton, Ray T. Moore, M.C. Bagby

Mrs. Floyd Newton, Mrs. C.N. Harrell, Mrs. Bert Wall, Glenn R. Scott, W.M. Williams, Moody Tidwell, Sr., E.C. Fitzgerald, Ed Millner, Joe Thompson, R.J. Tuthill, Ithamer Tuthill, Frank Pauly, Glenn Britt, Carl Britt, Paul Wilson, George Windham, Leroy Dukes, Lyndon Scott, Charley Lewis, Fred Newton, Dr. R.E. Baron, Alderson Thompson, and Russell James. 


If club officials have their way, there will be a big P.G.A. event this year...Dates for the pro-amateur amateur are May 20 and the qualifying test for the state's best pro shotmakers comes off the following day...This will be the third consecutive year the P.G.A. has scheduled its national qualifier for the Miami layout...Club officers would like to arrange a special exhibition match for May 19, preceding the competition events, and may dicker for a couple of big name to play...Ky Laffoon and Joe Kirkwood, the Australian trick shot artist, played in the last exhibition match about two years ago.  


While the nine-hole course is in good condition for early spring, scores probably won't be consistently in the 70's by any player for a couple of weeks...Most of the better golfers have taken a long lay-off and need lots of polishing to get back in the harness. 

(Personal note: Reading this register (above) brings back many memories for me that I had honestly forgotten. Since I opened the golf shop in the summers Tuesday through Saturday, I was responsible for making sure everyone had registered. It was fun for me to read their names after they signed, so I could learn to read
signatures. I spent most of my summers in the golf shop or at the golf course from 1960-1968. We opened by 7:00 am or before. My shift ended at 2:00, Often times I would return at night to help dad chip up the practice range golf balls to the 100, 125, 150 signs. It was easier to pick up the golf balls close together since we used hand held shag bags with a sleeve to pick up one ball at a time.)

41 March 24 mdnr "Grist" by Mac Bartlett

Bill Laffoon, who had hopes of squeezing in a little golf between marches, is issuing shoes to the soldiers at Ft. Sill....Bill will miss most of the leg work...It is said that he's shaping things up so everything will be "easier" for his old play, Jack James.  

41 April 19 mdnr  "State P.G.A."

George Whitehead, two time champ 1934, 1936

Oklahoma's professional linksmen will hold their annual state P.G.A. tournament over the nine-hole Miami Country Club layout May 7,8,9, and 10. George Whitehead, golf instructor at the Tulsa Indian Hills, will defend his match play title during the four-say event. He captured the trophy at Blackwell last October.  

41 April 21 mdnr "Tee Shots" by Mac Bartlett

Tuning up for the annual state P.G.A. pro-amateur: John F. Robinson, Miami country club president, fired a brace of 35's for a two-under-par 70 yesterday on a soggy, yet very playable course...His sub-par performance came in a foursome that included Ky Laffoon, George Coleman, Jr., and Ray Moore of Tulsa.

Despite the heavy rains of the last week greens are in surprisingly good condition...The fairways, while soft, are holding up well...Little extra yardage on the roll, however...


Casualty of the flood: A day-old calf found drowned under the bridge crossing the creek to No. 3...High waters in the creek bed lessened the club's task in conditioning prior to the P.G.A. on May 20 and 21...Lots of debris washed away by the swollen stream. 


Forty-five golfers turned out for Sunday golfing...Pro Jack Guild didn't do bad himself, stroking out two 36's for even par on the 18. After Coleman holed out on No. 9 from 13 feet off, Tulsan, Ray Moore, remarked: "An easy hole, very large, and about anyone can make it here"...In his last six tries at the long No. 9 Moore, who is an 80 plus shooter, has enjoyed two birdies and three pars on the par five hole. 

Overhead at Laffoon walked to the No. 2 tee yesterday:  "Golf's the craziest game I ever saw, you know it? You've go t0 play this game every day; you can't lay off and do any good." Ky was getting long yardage on his drives, but his putts weren't dropping.

41 May 18 mdnr  "Grist"

It was the case of the pupil showing the master how to do it at the Miami Country Club Friday afternoon...Bruce Drake, University of Oklahoma basketball and links coach, stopped off for a round of golf en route to Norman from a tour of the Big Six conference courses with his golf squad...He spotted John F. Robinson, a graduate of O.U., and offered to play a few holes...They went around nine, and the Miamian turned in a sparkling 35...It was one under par and the best Drake could get was a 38...John may not have made his golf squad a few years ago but Bruce probably would want him on the roster now.  

41 May 18 mdnr  "Oklahoma Pros to Compete for Cash and Trophy"

Those congenial links instructors who earn their pay teaching other people how to play golf will be "on their own" in Miami this week, attempting to "coach" themselves into a few birdies.

The annual Oklahoma P.G.A. golf contingent, which will number about 22 for the third consecutive tournament to be played on the local course, will begin arriving Monday for practice rounds. Their 36-hole medalist event, for which a handsome trophy and about $400 in prizes will be a stake, comes off Wednesday.

Affable Floyd Farley, a florid fellow who never lacked optimism, came out of his "shelter" down at Oklahoma City to tell the News-Record Saturday he would win the 36-hole medalist meet Wednesday.

"Is Ky Laffoon going to play?" was Farley's opening shot.

Informed that Ky was in Illinois, his next remarks were:

"Well, I'm going to win it."

Floyd, pro at the Woodlawn club in the capital finished second to Buddy Poteet, the former Commerce caddy, in 1939. Again this year Buddy will be competing for the crown, which eluded him by many strokes in the defense of his title last year. Now Frank Higgins of Tulsa is the champ and there will be 20 or more willing pair of hands to shove him from the throne.

While a complete list of the pros was not yet available Saturday, club officials urged that all local members wishing to participate in the pro-amateur should sign up at the pro shop not later than today. 

41 May 19 mdnr "Tulsa World's Four Ball"

Charley Lewis and LeRoy Dukes of Miami Country club, rallied on the back nine after spotting their opponents a two-up advantage, Sunday shot their way into the semi-finals for the Tulsa World's four-ball golf meet. They eliminated Ed Moss and Ralph Williams, 1 up in a thrilling battle at the McFarlin club in the oil capital.

Lewis, his game comparatively cold in the first half of the match, suddenly hit a torrid pace, turning in birdies on three consecutive holes to put the Miamians in front on the fifteenth for the first time.  Dukes aided the cause with halves on three holes and Charley clinched it with a 10-foot downhill putt on the final hole Next Sunday the Miami duo will meet Walt Emery and Morgan Jones in the upper bracket of the semi-finals.

41 May 21 mdnr “1941 State PGA Championship”

Despite a sub-par 70 during the PGA Pro-am at Miami Country Club, fifty-one year old Scotsman, Jimmy Gullane of Bartlesville brilliant display did not put him in top honors despite sharing the individual scoring lead with Charley Weisner of Muskogee.  He was out of the money for his amateur partners couldn’t help him score on the low best ball pro-am. Gullane learned to play his game in the old country. Gullane twice won the state PGA championship, his two under slugging round was the best the veteran pro has shot in many a day. Amateurs who played with his stated that he easily could have shot a 68 on the par 70 course, but he took dangerous chances on holes 4 and 9 on the back nine to give his partners a lift. That gesture cost Gullane two strokes but he didn’t mind.

In a whirling tie first honors with a team total 63 went to U.C. Ferguson, assistant pro from Lincoln club in O. C, paired with Hoot Gibson and the team of Buddy Poteet of Tulsa teamed with W.J. Worley. Shooting 64’s in a four way tie for third honors went to: George Whitehead of Tulsa and Glenn Scott; Buddy Poteet and Kenneth Bear; Charley Weisner and Clarence Carselowey; Howard Estep of Ft. Smith, Ark. and LeRoy Dukes.

Today (5/21) the pros were paired for their 36-hole medalist test, with two or three places to be granted an opportunity to play and qualify for the National PGA this July in Denver. A year ago Frank Higgins of Tulsa, PGA champ and Gib Sellers of Hot Springs found themselves in a deadlock 141. In the play-off Higgins won by three strokes in the 18-hole route.

The amateurs struggled yesterday for merchandise prizes while the pros battled for cash. Today, there was additional cash in the till, awaiting the lowest medalist entry.

Following are other low pro-am results:

Jack Guild, MCC and C.A. Beck 70

Jack Guild, MCC and Fred Newton 67

George Whitehead and Bert Wall, 70

U.C. Ferguson and George Windham 68

Marion Askew of Tulsa and Sam Fullerton 67, Askew and Joe Thompson 66, Askew and Al White 67.

Floyd Farley of O. C. and MK Hutts 69, Farley and W.M. Williams 70, Farley and Luther Sheldon 69

Frank Higgins and Jack Myers 65

Charley Weisner and Charley Lewis 69

Bill Laffoon and Ward Settle 70.

41 May 21 mdnr  "Tee Shots" by Mac Bartlett

A day along the golf front found pros sinking and missing putts for cash. One of the oldest, if not the oldest pro at age 50 is a likeable shotmaker from Bartlesville. At 50 he is still going strong, as proven by his sparkling round of 35-35 in yesterday’s pro-am event. Gullane, a native of Gullane Scotland has been in America since 1919.  He won the State PGA title in 1928 and repeated in 1933. As a good sport Jimmy loses as well as he wins.

Buddy Poteet won the 1939 PGA crown with an aggregate of 142.

Bill Laffoon of Miami, who formerly held membership in Illinois section of the PGA got his card transferred which allowed him to play today.

George Whitehead of Tulsa Indian Hill is a two-time champ with titles in 1934, 1936.

41 May 22 mdnr "Poteet and Estep Battle for Second Honors after Farley Wins PGA Meet"

Buddy Poteet

There was nothing spectacular about Floyd Farley's triumph in the annual Oklahoma PGA golf tournament at Miami Country club on Wednesday. The Oklahoma City pro just kept plugging away, and in a struggle that extended over 36 holes managed to beat off his closest challengers by a margin of three strokes. His score was even par, 144, for that distance. 

So the fellow made good a boast of one week ago when he predicted his victory. And yesterday he went about his task in a skilled manner, keeping his shots constantly in the middle although his putter turned off cool during a part of the last 18.

Coming in behind Farley and deadlocked at 147 were Buddy Poteet of Tulsa's Northridge club, a former Miami caddy, and little Howard Estep of Fort Smith. Buddy had fired an even par 72 in the morning, but slid back to a 75 during the afternoon. Estep just reversed his method of scoring, getting his best tally as the temperature steamed around the 90-degree mark.  

Poteet and Estep settled the second place issue in an 18-hole play-off at the club this morning. The winner will be entitled to compete at the National PGA in Denver along with Farley.

Trailing those two and tied for fourth and fifth places in the prize list were Ed Stanard and U.C. Fergus, both of Oklahoma City. This shot 148's.  

Farley's victory was worth $210 in cash, while the two runners-up divided $150 before starting their play-off.  The purse aggregated $780, contributed largely by Miami sportsmen, and represented one of the biggest sums ever offered to state professionals in their yearly event.  

A large gallery followed the winner, Ed Stanard and Poteet, bracketed together in a three-some yesterday afternoon. Stanard caught up with Poteet on the final nine, but blew chances for a three-way tie for second honors when he took a four on No.8, a par three hole. 

Notable results in qualifying test:

Floyd Farley, OKC 70-74-144

Buddy Poteet, Tulsa, 72-75-147

Howard Estep, Fort Smith, 75-73--147

Ed Stanard, OKC, 73-75--148

U.C. Ferguson, Okc, 73-75--148

George Whitehead, Tulsa, 74-75--149

Frank Higgins, Tulsa, 80-73--153

Frank Stanard, Okc, 76-77--153

Marion Askew, Tulsa, 80-73--153

Charley Weisner, Muskogee, 79-77--156

Jack Guild, Miami, 77-81--158

Jimmy Gullane, Bartlesville, 76-84--160

Bill Laffoon, Fort Sill, 85-85--170

41 May 22 mdnr "Grist" by Mac Bartlett

Pros attending the annual PGA qualifying tournament here Tuesday and Wednesday had lavish praise for Miami Country club as a host organization, its leadership and its members who contributed to the success of the meet...Those fellow who play for purses say they get better treatment here than at virtually any other club in the state...All of which pleases the officers and directorate of the local club...

George Coleman, Jr., is paired with Tex Consolver of Wichita, Kas., and John F. Robinson is bracketed with Frank Stanard, Oklahoma City pro, in the qualifying round Monday for the National Open...The event comes off at Tulsa's beautiful Southern Hills layout...Sixty-nine golfers have entered the competitive play...Two years ago Robinson was one of two Oklahomans to qualify and he made the trip to Philadelphia to compete.  

Tome Skinner of the U.S. Royal golf ball division handled most of the recording of scores in the 36-hole medalist play for the pros yesterday...Jack Guild and Joe Dahlman of Tulsa, former PGA president, said he did a good job of it...Posting the scores is no little chore...He did the same work during the pro-amateur, where the task was even more difficult... 

 1941 May 26 mdnr "Hole-in-one for Myers is First of Season Here"

This year's first hole-in-one at the Miami Country club Sunday helped Jackie Myers,  Miami high school golfer, to a par 72, the lowest score for the young linksman at the nine-hole course. Jack's ace came on the 200-yard long No. 8, and it enabled him to tour the first nine of his round in 34, two under par. He added a 38 on the second nine for his even par 

Myers was playing in a foursome with Roy Klahr, assistant club pro; Horace Payne and George Windham. He used a No.5 iron to execute his shot, which marked the second hole-in-one on No 8 in recent years. George Beck turned the trick several years ago.

About 50 golfers turned out at the club yesterday.

John F. Robinson who, with George L. Coleman, Jr., was scheduled to participate in the National Open qualifying test at Tulsa's Southern Hills club today, practiced during the afternoon. 

1941 May 26 mdnr "Emery-Jones Defeat Lewis-Dukes of Miami"

Shooting a brilliant game as a large gallery followed, Charley Lewis, Miami amateur, mastered par over Tulsa's Northridge club Sunday only to lose a heart-breaking four-ball golf match in the semi-finals of the annual Tulsa World turney.

Paired with LeRoy Dukes, Lewis sliced three strokes off regulation figures with a sizzling 69, but Walter Emery, once runner-up to Lawson Little for the U.S. Amateur title, and his partner, Morgan Jones, won the match 1-up. The end came on the 21st hole, after the two combinations reached the 18-hole all even. Emery required 71 strokes for the 18 holes.

A large majority of the galleries centered their attention on the Emery-Lewis squabble and when it was all over most of them were willing to concede that they had seen few better matches anywhere. Through the first 18 Dukes was of no assistance to Lewis in winning holes. When LeRoy was in for a triumph or an even break so was Charley but the Miami filling station operator carried the load on the first two extra holes, which he parred. This forced Emery to run down an 18-footer on the nineteenth, which he did to keep the fight alive, and one of six feet over rather rough going on the twentieth. 

Lewis, who displayed an uncanny putting touch throughout the afternoon, made a great bid to keep in the running at the twenty-first but his ball hung on the edge of the cup after a 20 foot blow with the bludgeon which he calls a putter just before Walt ended it.  

1941 August 12 mdnr "Grist" by Mac Bartlett

An assistant to Jack Guild, Miami Country club pro, who's losing Roy Klahr to the Army August 17...Klahr has been Jack's helper for three seasons here...

Miami will be represented by four or five golfers in the annual Oklahoma Open golf championship at Tulsa's Oakhurst club on August 17. Jack Guild, local pro, headed the delegation. Members are John F. Robinson, Charley Lewis, and Joe Spencer. Sam Fullerton also was classed as a probable starter, although he said Saturday afternoon he hadn't finally decided.  

1941 August 18 mdnr "Buddy Poteet Ties for Open" 

Former Miamian player meets Kansan in play-off after both shooting 146. Two well-matched professionals--Mike Murra of Wichita, Kas, and Buddy Poteet of Tulsa, met today in an 18-hole playoff for medalist honors of the 32nd annual Oklahoma State Open golf tournament. (No final results found in archives, yet)

Three Miamians entered in the State Open at Tulsa failed to finish in the money Sunday. Charley Lewis had the lowest score of the home contingent shooting 80-73--153. Jack Guild, Miami pro, had 81-80--161 and Joe Spencer, amateur, had 88-90--178. 

1941 August 25 Joplin News Herald  Tri-State Women Open Annual Golf Tourney Tuesday.

Everything is in readiness for the Fourth Annual Tri-State Women's Golf Association tournament to be held over the par36 Miami Country Club course Tuesday and Wednesday. 

(Note: I am proud to say that Women's Tri-State championship golf tournament is continuing to be held in the Tri-State area in 2021.Miami women golfers will play a major role in this event as the decades continue.) 

Mrs. Fred Newton of Miami, in charge of arrangements, said no pairings will be made until after the 18-hole qualifying rounds are played Tuesday. Players may choose their own partners for Tuesday's rounds.

There will be 33 prizes in four flights, with about 80 players expected. So far, 53 women have entered. Entries, which are $1.00 should be sent to Mrs. Newton, 211 B. st NW, Miami.

There will be eight prizes awarded in each flight and a consolation prize. Prizes will go to the first six scorers in each bracket, and there will be a putting and approaching contest in each flight Tuesday. There will be driving contests in each class Wednesday, for which prizes will be awarded. Prizes are on display now at a downtown gift shop, and will be placed on display at the clubhouse Tuesday.

Jack Guild, professional, will be in charge of pairing after the qualifying rounds. He said the course is in fine condition for play. 

Many women from over the district plan to remain at Miami overnight Tuesday, instead of driving home and returning Wednesday morning. Mrs. W.B. Yerkes for Fort Scott is the defending champion and is expected here to defend her honors. She was the winner last year at Pittsburg. 

1941 August 27 mdnr "Women Golfers Vie"

Miss Betty Woodruff of Pittsburg, Kas., was the early pace-setter at the Miami Country club this afternoon as nearly 60 Tri-State women shotmakers neared the end of 18-hole qualifying play in their fourth annual golf tournament.

Over a course drenched by recent rains, but becoming faster under clearing skies, Miss Woodruff shot a 90, 12 strokes over par. Less than half the field had completed their rounds, however, and it as extremely doubtful her score would give her the medalist award. 

Mrs. W.B. Yerkes of Fort Scott, defending titlist, had a 45 on the first nine. Miss Helen Harms of Independence, Kas., who, with Miss Ruth Patterson of Pittsburg, had near par scores on nine holes yesterday.

There was no question but that heavy rains, measuring 2.60 inches here yesterday morning and last night would affect the scoring. Some figured soggy conditions of the greens and slower fairways would add eight to nine strokes to most of the participants rounds. 

1941 August 28 mdnr "58 Women into Finals of Golf Tourney Today"

Fifty-eight Tri-State women golfers, who slipped to comparatively bulky scores over a soggy Miami Country club layout Wednesday, got a break from the weather man today as they began firing over the last 18 holes of their two-day tournament.

Hampered by heavy greens and slow fairway during the morning yesterday, the feminine brigade anticipated better scores this afternoon and generally accepted belief was that par-shooting wouldn't be uncommon. Clearing skies gave the ladies perfect golfing weather for the concluding day of their fourth annual meet.

Fairways and greens dried out quickly under a warm afternoon sun and were in splendid condition for today's play.

New Medalist to Front

Yesterday's bombardment brought a new medalist to the fore front in Miss Helen Harms of Independence, Kas., who put together rounds of 43-46 for a halfway total of 89. This was 11 strokes above par figures for women players.

Just one stroke back was Miss Betty Woodruff of Springfield, Mo., with a 90. Another stroke back and deadlocked at 91 were two former district titlists, Mrs. August Simeon of Pittsburg, Kas., and Mrs. W.B. Yerkes of Fort Scott, Kas.

Mrs. Floyd Newton led the Miami contingent with a 93 and was paired in the second threesome to leave the tee in the championship bracket this morning. Besides Miami, participants represent Joplin, Springfield, Independence, Fort Scott, Pittsburg, Parsons, Webb City and Oronogo, Mo.

In an approaching and putting contest held Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Charles Larson of Joplin won the championship division by finishing in 6 strokes, three under par. The Joplin competitor's score came on strokes from 34 feet, 25 feet and 19 feet from the hole. Thus it required her only two strokes on each ball to hole out.

Team Title at Stake

In addition to individual honors, ladies from the various cities will be competing for the team title in today's play. A trophy will be presented to the winning group. 

Officers for the Tri-state association were to be named at the conclusion of the meet, and there was a possibility the ladies also would select the site for the 1942 tournament.

Also programmed for this afternoon was a driving contest, with suitable prizes for the winners. Thirty-three awards were to be distributed among participants in all divisions of the meet. 

1941 August 29 mdnr "Helen Harms of Independence Wins Tri-State Women's Golf Laurels Here With 175 Total"

A smooth-swinging girl from Kansas, 17-year-old  Helen Harms, calmly surveyed a 35-foot putt Thursday and sank it on the ninth hole of the Miami Country club course to capture the championship of the fourth annual Tri-State Women's golf tourney.

Miss Harms' putt gave her an 86 on her second round and a 36-hole aggregate of 175, one stroke lower than a 176 turned in by Betty Woodruff of Springfield, the runner-up. Mrs. Charles Larson of Joplin was third with 181, while two former titlists, Mrs. W.B. Yerkes of Fort Scott, and Mrs. August Simeon of Pittsburg, tied for fourth honors with 182's. 

From a starting field of 58 ladies, Miss Harms was definitely a "darkhorse" contestant since she has played in but few district tournaments. She was the medalist Wednesday with an 89 over rain-drenched greens and fairways. Mrs. Floyd Newton, only Miami competitor to qualify for the championship bracket, finished eighth with a 196 total. She was decidedly off her usually steady game, requiring 103 strokes, 10 higher than the previous day, to negotiate the 18 holes. 

The Tri-State group, banded together in an association, met in the spacious clubhouse following the tourney play. They decided to forego election of officers for 1942 until a meeting on September 12 at Springfield, the site for next year's tournament. 

Results of Miami players:

Championship: Mrs. Floyd Newton, Miami, 93-103--196

Class A: Mrs. C.N. Harrell, Miami, 104-110--214

Mrs. H.F. Myers, Miami, 108-117--225

Class B: Mrs. H.D. Payne, Miami, 112-119--231

Class C: 

Mrs. Fred Newton, Miami, 122-113--235

Class C:

Mrs. Jay Mohler, Miami, 127-125-252

Miss Etta Lohman, Miami, 129-125--254 

Mrs. Clarence Carselowey, Miami, 144-147--291

1941 August 31 mdnr  "Leading Golfers in Miami Tourney" 

From the smiles of these feminine golfers you couldn't tell which was the champion of the Tri-state Women's Tournament held at Miami Country club Wednesday and Thursday. Miss Helen Harm 17 year-old from Independence, Kas, (center) won it with an aggregate of 175 for 36 holes; Betty Woodruff (right) of Springfield, was runner-up with 176 and Mrs. W.B Yerkes of Fort Scott (left), the 1940 titlist, finished in a tie for fourth. Team title for the meet went to Joplin's four-member group. Second was Springfield. Next year's tourney will be held at Springfield.  (photo by Bob White)

(left) Mrs. S. J. Horn, Jr., of Joplin, captured Class A honors in the two-day women's links tourney. Miss Ruth Patterson, Independence, Kas., sent three booming tee shots for distances of 205, 200, and 190 yards to cop the Tri-State women's driving contest at the Miami Country club.

1941 September 30 mdnr "Miami Golfing Tourney Opens"

Seventy-eight golfers were paired off today for the start of the annual Miami Country club tournament. In the championship flight six linksmen were named to challenge George Coleman, Jr., thrice titlist. First round play in Classes A, B, C, D, and E must be completed by Sunday night, Pro Jack Guild said. 

Preparing for the fall event, club officials have improved the course, spiking and top-dressing the greens. They will be in fine playing condition by the end of the week.

Players are requested to make their own arrangements to complete first round matches and should they fail to do so, will face disqualification. Immediately after eliminations begin, consolation events will start and these will be arranged for next week. 

Defending Champion Coleman, by virtue of his 1940 victory, was given the bye in championship bracket. He will meet the winner of the Alderson Thompson-Charley Lewis match in the second round. 

Championship: Jackie Myers vs Glenn R Scott; Sam Fullerton vs John F. Robinson

Class A: Fred Newton vs M.K. Hutts; C.J. Carselowey vs Floy Newton; Al White, bye; Paul Wilson bye; Lyndon Scott, bye; G. R. White vs Russell Hawk; Luther Sheldon, bye; R.O. Hoot Gibson vs Horace Payne

Class B: George Windham vs Bert Wall; Bob Longacre vs Gene Reitz; Wilton Taylor vs W.J. Worley; J.C. (Gob) Taylor vs Dr. Robert E. baron; Joe Thompson vs C.L. (Crab) Grayson; W. B. (Bill) Neel vs Carl Britt; Kelly Spencer vs Kenneth Neal; Claud Jones vs Ted Stith.

Class C: Dee G. Watters vs W.L. Williams; Bud May vs W.C. Bullock; Phillip Peacock vs Jack James; Noel Wyatt vs Frank Spencer; G.C. (Clint) Niday vs Otto Witzansky; Ivan Fisher vs J.H. Simon; Jay Mohler bye; C.A. Beck vs W.M. Williams.

Class D: Howard Hampton vs L.J. Bowers; Eph Niday vs Charles Fox; Lloyd Staton vs Carl Hilliard; "Sonny" Peacock vs Vernon Sapp; John Wallace vs Nate Emery; C.B. Coles vs G.E Bullock; George Stein vs John A. Robinson; Frank Pauly vs John Speer. 

Class E: W.C. Leuders, bye; Dave Gollub vs Paul Campbell; L.A. Wetzel, bye; Leon DeClue vs Spencer Dawson; Ed Hall vs Dan Ryan; Evan Just, bye; Sam E. Long, bye: Dr. L.P. Hetherington vs A.J. Polette

1941 October 2 mdnr  "Coleman into Golf Tourney Finals Again"

For the second consecutive year, George L. Coleman Jr., and John F. Robinson will meet in the finals of the Miami Country club's annual golf tourney. (This tournament will be delayed by rains throughout the month of October.)

1941 October 10 mdnr "Sheldon is Low Links Scorer"

Luther Sheldon of the Miami office of the Eagle-Picher Mining and Smelting company Tuesday led 46 company golfers in the monthly tournament, held at Miami Country Club for the first time this year.

Sheldon, who shot a 46 during the cold morning hours, loosened up under the warm sun and added a 40 for an 86. He had a five-stroke handicap, giving him an 81 net.  Second low score was that of Alton Jones of Joplin, Oak Hill course, who shot a 92. 

1941 October 19 mdnr "Ladies Finish Golf"

Nine Miami Country club feminine golfers will complete the final half of their 36-hole medalist tourney today. Pro Jack Guild said these are the players in each division, together with their score for the first 18 holes:

Class A--Mrs. H.F. Myers, 105 and Mrs. Floyd Newton, 105

Class B--Mrs. Otto Witzansky, 117; Mrs. Evan Just, 118; Mrs. Horace D. Payne, 122.

Class C--Mrs. C.F. Williams, 131; Mrs. R. L. Longacre, 149; Mrs. J.H. Simon, 143, Mrs. Ethel Beck 149.

1941 October 24 mdnr  "2 Golfers Advance in Miami Tourney"

Dr. R.E. Baron and Carl Britt have won second matches in the Class B division of the Miami Country club golf tourney. Baron downed Wilbur Worley, 5 and 4, while Britt edged Joe Thompson, 1 up, on the nineteenth hole.

Third round matches in all divisions of the meet must be completed by Sunday evening, Pro Jack Guild said today. 

The championship bracket already has reached the finals with George L. Coleman Jr, defending champion to meet John F. Robinson, 1940 runner-up, for the title. They are to play 36 holes and although the date hasn't been set, they may decide to start the match Sunday, Guild said. 

1941 October 26 mdnr "Eagle-Picher Golf Tourney Scheduled Here for Tuesday" 

Eagle-Picher's final golf tourney of the year, the sixth in a series of monthly events, will be staged at the Miami Country club layout Tuesday afternoon. Five previous meets this year have been held at Joplin and the final one was designated for the local course.

Eagle-Picher Mining & Smelting company and Eagle-Picher Lead company employees of Joplin, Picher, Commerce, Cardin, Miami, and other district points will participate. About 50 linksmen usually compete. The tourney calls for 18 holes of medalist play. 

1941 November 13 mdnr "Ed Dudley"

Big Ed Dudley, a star tournament performer in the Professional Golfers association, today has a new starring role--as PGA President. Dudley, a 3-year-pro at Broadmoor Country club, Colorado Springs and three-time member of the Ryder cup team, was selected yesterday to succeed Tom Walsh of Chicago, who declined to run for a third term.

It was the first time the PGA ever had selected a president from its playing starts.  Dudley once a pro at the Miami Country club, serving here about 18 years ago.

For more information on Ed Dudley's Golfing Career click on this link

1941 November 17 mdnr "Shooting Sub-Par Golf in Finals"

George Coleman, Jr., held the Miami Country club links championship for the fourth time today. Tearing par to shreds on the first nine holes of play with a sizzling 33 Sunday, Coleman increased sharply a 1-up lead he gained at the halfway stage of his match with John F. Robinson, and entered the final nine holes with a tremendous edge. The two, re-enacting the finals round of the 1940, had completed the first half of their 36-hole match Friday.

Coleman won, 8 and 7, ending the match on the No.2 hole of the last nine. Robinson, who shot a 76 Friday to keek within striking distance played about the same yesterday but Coleman had pitched his game to a sub-par performance to pull away. 

A glance at the champion's card for the third nine showed this string of 333 435 435--33, three strokes under regulations figures. He required only 11 putts for his tour for the nine-hole layout. 

The annual club tournament, delayed by weeks of heavy October rains, hasn't ben completed in all divisions. 

Al White defeated Clarence Carselowey, 2 up for the Class A finals. R.O. Hoot Gibson will play White for the honors. 

1941 November 26 mdnr "Country Club Supper Dance"

Highlighting the holiday activities will be the dance and buffet supper Thursday night at the Miami Country club for members of the club. Cadets of the British flying school will be included in the membership. Basil Baker and his orchestra will play for the evening of dancing starting at 8 o'clock, followed by a buffet supper at 10:30 o'clock. Tickets for the affair are selling for 75 cents per person, and if possible members are to call the club cateresses for reservations. 

1941 November 12  mdnr  "Carl Britt Wins Class B Title"

Miami's extended golf tournament--lengthened nearly three weeks by soaking rains--isn't near yet. But one of the class titles, in the B flight, has been settled with Carl Britt winning that division. He defeated George Windham 4 and 3. 

R.L. (Hoot) Gibson, who defeated L Scott 4 and 3, is awaiting his finalist opportunity with a match scheduled between Al White and Clarence Carselowey. 

(Note: No further results were found in my searches.)

1941 December 8 mdnr  U.S. DECLARES WAR ON JAPAN

The headlines continue with "3,000 Killed or Wounded in Hawaii Bombing; Old Battleship Sunk";  "American Fleet, Hard It, Hunts Jap Warships"; "Philippines Raided"; "Manila is Bombed; Nippon Claiming Control of Pacific";  "Congress Votes Overwhelmingly for Declaration."

1941 December 21 mdnr 










Tuesday, November 2, 2021


The Miami Daily News Record (mdnr) is my major source of information. When I cannot locate area golf news I may also use the Joplin Herald (jh)  as a source.  For the sake of the “Timeline of the Miami Golf and Country Club” I have chosen to use the exact words from the newspaper writers because they date the times and the language of golf, and the cultural standards from the war and depression years.

The tide is turning on the economy and Miami is still a boom town. With war in Europe raging the newspapers carry photos and vivid descriptions of the battles.  For the time, the home front is safe and life goes on with zest. 

The layout below is the first one I have discovered in print. 

In the above drawing, made for the News-Record by John H. Speer, University of Oklahoma graduate and son of County Surveyor John L. Speer, an accurate picture of each hole is depicted. Even the trees are designated by Speer. The sand traps, which loom especially large to many of the local players, are shown clearly at the fringes of each green. The layout of this nine-hole course has been extended by club officials to 3,353 yards for a total of 6,706 yards.

1940 January 3 mdnr First National Bank Statement

This statement shows how banks began dealing with public mistrust after the crash of 1929. 

 1940 February 26 mdnr  "Plans for Golf Activities"
Pro Jack Guild is leaving for Tulsa and Oklahoma City tomorrow to arrange for some team matches, which probably will be set in May. The Miami club, which captured the Tri-State Title last season, will compete mostly with Oklahoma outfits for the spring and summer. 

Although a stiff wind and unfit conditions of the greens combined as a serious deterrent, seven local golfers played into the traps at the club yesterday afternoon. At one time or another, Jack James, W.E. Taylor, Carl Britt, E.K. Scott, Hoot Gibson, and War Settle tested their luck. Four or five other local players went to the Baxter Springs course, but decided latter they should have played here in the first place.

Among club improvement:
Locker rooms, shower room, pro's shop and equipment headquarters are wearing new faces. April green has been smoothed over the walls, the floors are done up in battleship grey and the lockers are wearing a bright green coat.

The garage, formerly to the southeast of the clubhouse, has been moved over to the shed and will be utilized as a storage for greens fertilizer. Guild will look for some top dressing while in Tulsa and O.C. this week. After numerous periods of thawing and freezing, the greens are not in the best of shape, but if weather conditions moderate it will be ready for play around April 1.

Team projects:
There are many who might be listed. Just to mention a few--Charley Lewis, defending club champion; George Coleman, Jr., twice former titlist; John F. Robinson, Buck Bagby, Glenn Scott, Sam (Angus) Fullerton, Fed Newton and Jimmy Bowers. Joy Cole, the Welch stylist, probably won't play with Miami this season. Reports here say that Joy recently returned to Tulsa.  

1940 March 13mdnr  COUNTRY CLUB LUNCHEON

St. Patrick's decorations, spring violets and an abundance of good food, together with the hospitality extended by the three hostesses, Mesdames H.B. Coban, Carl Britt and Lloyd Newton, made the ladies' day at Miami Country club one of the outstanding of this season. Potted Shamrocks, green tapers and crepe paper were used on the luncheon tables. High score at the bridge was won by Mrs. A.C. Wallace. The sewing prize was awarded to Mrs. Roy Green. The next luncheon will be served by the club cateress and the hostesses on the occasion will be Mrs. L.A. Wetzel and Mrs. Matt Connell.  Members playing in foursomes are urged to have lunch with the group and play at reserved tables afterwards. There will be no additional charge for such reservations. Those in attendance were: Mesdames M.C. Bagby, C.M. Bartlett, John Giffin, R.O. Gibson, J.B. Dyer, M.M. DeArman, Melvin Hutts, Talbot Wright, Clarence Carselowey, Wiley G. Chesnut, Homer E. Willim, B.Wright Shelton, Carl Peck, Paul Campbell, S.E. Long, A.J. Polette, Gail Hutts, A.C. Wallace, R.S. Doenges, Roy Green, C.A. Beck, C.W. Nicolson, Elmer Isern, W.I. Cooper, L.P Hetherington, Clyde Lodge, C.N. Harrell, A.L. Commons, R. D. Dawson, W. L Williams, and George L. Stein.

(Many of the names listed above were still active members through the 1950's and 1960's.)

*Note: through the 1930's and early 1940's the society page posted articles on various women's groups. These groups appeared regularly: Girl Scouts, Eastern Star, White Shrine, various 'Study Clubs' and Sunday School Socials, Circle club, Townsend Auxiliary, Scissorette Club, Child Study Club, Business and Professional Women's club. One full page of society news was very common.  

1940. March 13 mdnr Stag Dinner

A stag night dinner will be held at Miami Country club next Monday. W.L. Bert Coleman, chairman of the entertainment  committee, said dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock.

*During the last 1930's and early 1940's the Miami Daily News Record and the Miami News Record covered professional golf, state golfers from the PGA and amateurs, national women golfers, plus local and area golfers both men and women. I am proud that the newspaper covered such a wide range of golf, baseball, football, track, boxing, wrestling, and fishing, not to mention the Wardogs, area high school teams in football, basketball, and track. Wrestling was also a major sport in our area at this time.

1940 March 25 mdnr  Weather phenomenon

"Northern Lights" the Aurora Borealis, were reported to be visible by some over Miami last night. H.W. Winkle, wire chief for the SW Bell Telephone company said there was a "static phenomenon," which created some disturbance in the reception over the wires.

Jack Guild, reported that lightning struck the caddy house at the Miami Country Club Saturday night and damaged the frame of the structure. (This is the first reference to a caddy house. I have been told it stood to the right side of hole No. 1 after players cross the gravel road leading to the sheds for equipment storage. It was big enough for caddy's to store belongings. Benches were inside and out. As a child of the early 1950's I only remember one caddy. His name was Ernie. He had a small frame and rather hunched, as my mother described like the jockey's in California. He spent a lot of time around the golf shop in those days.)

1940 March The Grand River Dam authority opened Grand Lake of the Cherokee's. This boost in Northeastern Oklahoma can be seen in new advertisements for motor boats. The lake also brought more people who followed Route 66 and enjoyed playing golf as well.

1940 April 18 mdnr "Sport-o-Grams" With a north wind whipping over the course, some forty golfers from Tulsa and Miami teed off here this afternoon in the Tulsa District Golf Association's first meet of the season.

Professional Jack Guild said twenty Tulsa golfers had arrived here at 1:30 o'clock and as many or more local players were scheduled to compete sometime during the afternoon. Visiting professionals included Harold Nenninger, Buddy Poteet, the State PGA champion; Joe Dahlman, state PGA President, and Jimmy Gullane of Bartlesville. The course was in tip-top playing condition. 

1940 April 18 mdnr Notices:

Attention is called to all ladies of the Miami Country Club who are playing golf, to meet at 9:00 Tuesday morning at the clubhouse. 

1940 April 18 mdnr advertisement 

1940 May 26 mdnr "Grist" by Mac Bartlett

At the Oklahoma City Country club tomorrow, George L. Coleman, Jr., and John F. Robinson will be among 33 state golfers seeking qualifying berths in the National Open, scheduled at the Canterbury club, near Cleveland on June 6...Last year Robinson won one of the three places with a fine qualifying score at Tulsa's Southern Hills course...Jack Guild, local pro, had planned to enter the sectional test, but later gave it up because of the approach of the State P.G.A. tournament here on June 4 and 5...Sam Fullerton, one of the local club amateurs, will be too buy selling bulls to compete in the pro-amateur event June 4. That day some of the prize cows and bulls in the Fullerton Aberdeen-Angus herd will be sold at auction at the fairgrounds.

1940 May 26 mdnr (Clips like this can be found throughout the newspapers. They were used as fillers and quite interesting to the readers.) During March 1940, 76,935 motor cars were produced compared with 60,504 during March of 1939. 

War briefs from the global fighting were found between the front pages and as fillers. 

1940 May 29 mdnr "Spring Formal for Dance Pupils"

Virginia Lee Patrick, instructress of the Virginia Lee Patrick School of Dance, will entertain pupils of her ballroom classes and their invited guests at a spring formal tonight the Legion hall. Jimmy Ferguson and his orchestra of Joplin will play for the evening of dancing from 9 to 12 o'clock. This affair is by invitation only.  (Virginia Lee married Tom Wilson and along with their two sons, played golf.)

1940 May 29 mdnr "Miami Golfers Called to Register"  The board of directors for the Miami Country club decided at a luncheon meeting today that all club golfers planning to play in the pro-amateur 18-hole low ball event next Tuesday must register at the pro's shop by 5pm Sunday.

Pairings for the pro-am with two club members playing with each visiting linksman, will be made Sunday night. Jack Guild, club professional, believes about seventy-five local players will participate. The state PGA tournament coming to Miami for the second time in as many years, is the outstanding golf event scheduled here this season. Some twenty-five pros will compete for cash prizes totaling about $400.

1940 June 5mdnr  "Sellers-Lewis Combination Wins Pro-Am Event" by Mac Bartlett

His booming drives placing him on the carpet on virtually every second shot, stocky Gib Sellers of Hot Springs, Ark., turned on the heat Tuesday to capture shares of the both first and second places in the annual state PGA pro-amateur event at the Miami Country Club layout.

Although his amazing distance off the tee made him the day's biggest gallery attraction, Sellers did no better than his able amateur partner, Charley Lewis, who also roared in with a 69. Their low ball count gave them a 60.  Another Sellers' partner, George Windham, used a 10 stroke handicap to good advantage as they took second place with a low ball 63. 

The gallery got a big kick out of watching Sellers slam his ball over the No. 6 bunker and over the trees shielding the No. 2 pin. "I'll just keep on powdering that ball over those trees," Sellers said as e prepared for the 36-hole medalist event. It calls for a tremendous carry, but the prodigious wallops by the husky Sellers seemingly clear the grove nicely on almost every effort.

Lewis, by virtue of sharing first honors, will select $50 worth of equipment from Pro Jack Guild's shop. Windham will get supplies worth #30 while the five amateurs deadlocked for third and last money will divvy up $20 in prizes. 

1940 June 6 mdnr 'Sub-Par Round Here Makes Gib Sellers a Favorite in the State PGA Title Play'

In the locker room at the Miami Country club today there were carefully-guarded whispers saying that this may be Gib Sellers' year. The pudgy, loquacious Hot Springs, Arkansas professional, third place finisher in the Oklahoma PGA tournament here a year ago, loomed as a "people's choice" as twenty of this state's  and Arkansas' best linksmen awaited the annual 36-hole medalist play. 

The tournament will be under way about 9am tomorrow with the play-for-keeps blasters moving away from the first tee in foursomes. Sellers lent a touch of color to the pre-tournament talk yesterday afternoon by breezing around the 3,353 yard (nine hole) layout in a sub-par performance that saw him shave two strokes off the old man's standard figures in the last nine. He was out in 36, even par, and then lumbered in, his face beaming, with a polished 34. 

But Sellers isn't the only one who'll gain support from the golf enthusiasts of this and neighboring cities of the Tri-State district. They can't deal the cool, deadly consistent Buddy Poteet, the defending champion, out of the running. He's up there to stay with the best of 'em in Oklahoma. While he did no better than a 40-37--77 in a practice trail yesterday, the former Miami caddy wasn't particularly interested in scoring.

Floyd Farley of Oklahoma City is another popular choice for the crown. Floyd, who cupped the title back in 1937, is at the peak of his game again. John F. Robinson, local amateur, turned in a 71 for the afternoon in preparation for today's event. 

Sometime late today, the pros were to meet with Joe Dahlman of Tulsa, their PGA president, and Farley, secretary, to discuss how they'll divvy up the $400 pot tomorrow. The big end, no doubt, will go to the champion. 

1940 June 7 mdnr Dapper Floyd Farley of Oklahoma City, runner-up to Buddy Poteet for the 1939 PGA golf title, shot himself out of the running the first nine holes here this week.

The capital linksman, who paced state qualifiers for the National Open about ten days ago and then decided he wouldn't go to Cleveland after all, was disgusted with his game when he left Miami Wednesday night. He had finished the 36-hole medalist event at the Miami Country Club layout with an aggregate of 153.  

1940 June 9 mdnr 

Frank Higgins, holding the trophy, is one of the youngest players to ever win the State P.G.A. golf championship. At 21, the assistant pro at the Tulsa Oakhurst club won the plaudits of a big gallery at the Miami County Club on Thursday after he defeated Gib Sellers of Hot Springs, Arkansas by three strokes in an eighteen hole playoff. Sellers, at left, flashed a broad smile as he congratulated his conqueror. Jack Guild, Miami Country Club pro, served as referee and by the expression on his face as this photo was taken indicated that he was glad the 'best man had won.' 

1940 June 9 mdnr Tee Shots by Mac Bartlett

A few sidelights. John Swenski, who has held the world' junior heavyweight mat title, was an interested spectator at the 36-hole medalist event Wednesday, stopping off here en route to Tulsa from Springfield...Leroy McGuirk, popular Oklahoma wrestler, recently claimed Swenski's crown. 

Three Miami amateurs, George Coleman, Jr., Charley Lewis and John F. Robinson, plan to compete in the state amateur meet at Tulsa's Oakhurst club this week...Qualifying play will be Monday and Tuesday over the tricky course which features narrow fairways...And probably the trio will also participate in the Trans-Mississippi amateur tournament the following week to be held at Tulsa's beautiful Southern Hills layout, the toughest test for a golfer within Oklahoma. 

At the country club course Friday, the Women's Tri-State Golf association moved in for a day of competition with 61 feminine golfers participating.  Mrs. W.D. Mardick of Joplin and Mrs. Lucille Simion of Pittsburg, Kas, shot the day's lowest scores, both turning in 93's. Golf ball awards went to other competitors: Mrs. Vernon Ham of Miami, Mrs. P.L. Robeson of Galena and Mrs. Ray Cochran of Joplin won prizes for having the lowest number of putts on 18 holes. Each required only 31 putts. Miami Country Club women hold membership in the association, which promotes links interest through its monthly tourneys at various cities. 
1940 July 28 mdnr  Links Title to St. Paul Player

Robert Clark, a 31-year-old St. Paul salesman of Scottish-Irish descent and the father of two boys, today won the nineteenth annual national public links golf championship with a smashing 8 and 6 victory over Mike Dietz of Detroit, an unemployed automobile worker.  (This has nothing to do with Miami history, but it is a tell all for how sports writers garnered everyone's attention with their descriptions of the times.)

1940 July 28 mdnr   St. Paul Open
Two dark horse veterans who long have been prospecting golf's tournament money trail filed join claim today on medal honors of the rich St. Paul Open Golf Championship. They were the quiet, 37-year-old Jim Foulis and the 34-year-old, effervescent Willie Goggin. Each had 36 hole total of 136 strokes as the tournament hit the halfway point of its 72-hole route. Coming in at 143, Miami, Oklahoma pro, Ky Laffoon. (The Miami Daily News Record continued to follow the golf tour through our local player, Ky Laffoon.)

* I have been unable to find records for August and September 1940 at this point. If and when I locate more information I will add it to the timeline.

1940 September 22 mdnr  "Miamians Vie for State Link Title"

The Oklahoma State Golf association will stage its thirty-first annual open medal championship at Bartlesville next Sunday and several Miami linksmen are going to compete. Jack Guild, local professional, said any Miami Country club player is eligible to compete. The entry fee will be $5.00 and there will be around $400 for prizes.
Guild said John F. Robinson, and possibly Sam Fullerton and Buck Bagby will compete from Miami as amateurs. Guild also will play in the tourney. 

1940 October 4 mdnr "Par is Buffeted"

It was more like the qualifying scene for a State Open championship than just another good place for an afternoon of golf at the Miami Country Club course yesterday afternoon. 
Ky Laffoon, this city's best known golfer; George Coleman, Jr., Wood Laffoon, brother of Ky; Roy Klahr, assistance club pro; Buck Bagby and John F. Robinson made up the group. 

One of those who followed the swingers said Coleman's drives were getting terrific length, as evidenced by his 71 score and an eagle on the 565-yard, par five No. 6 hole. The club president's second shot was on the green and he sank a comparatively short putt for his eagle. 

Ky also was hitting his shots well, and Klahr was playing his usual good game. 

1940 October 17 mdnr  "Coleman to Meet Robinson for Golf Title of Eliminations in Country Club Championship Flight"

John F. Robinson and George Coleman, Jr, will meet in the 36-hole finals for the Miami Country club golf championship. No definite arrangements had been announced for the playing date this morning after the two swingers stroked their way to the finals by impressive victories Wednesday. 

Coleman, starting where he left off the previous day in rolling to a three-hole advantage over Charley Lewis, defending champion, shot par golf for the next 14 holes to close out the match, 6 and 4. Lewis required 40 strokes on the third nine holes, while the victor, who shot a sub-par 70 for his lead at the halfway point, turned in a 36. Finishing out the last five holes in regulation figures, Coleman was two under par for the 36 with an aggregate of 142.

Robinson, who was one stroke over for 29 holes, eliminated Glenn Scott (nick named Scotty), 8 and 7, in a match played off Wednesday afternoon. After taking a 75 for the first 18, Robinson stepped up the pace on his third nine to hang up a slick 34. Scott eagled the 516-yard hole No. 9 at the three-quarters turn, but it was of little help, still leaving him seven holes behind.

The finalists indicated they would play this week-end, probably 18 holes one afternoon and the remainder the following day. Meantime, four other matches in various tourney flights were completed, one player received a default and two help one-up advantages over opponents at the end of nine holes.

In Class D,  E.K. Scott, defeated John Speer, 3 and 2, and Ivan Fisher beat Eph Niday, 2up. Jim Campbell nosed Leon (Punk) Larimore, 1 up in a Class F duel.

W.E. Pilgrin shaded Noel Wyatt, 1 up, on the nineteenth hole of their Class E match.  J.C. (Gob) Taylor advanced via the default route in Class B.  (Writers note: many who remember the fireworks at the country club during the 1950's and 1960's will recall that Gob Taylor was our fireworks expert, and into the late 1960's a young boy named Jim Thompson would become his apprentice.)

Ted Stith held a one-up advantage over Dr. Robert E. Barron and Cecil Coop held the same lead over Bert Wall at the end of nine holes of play in a couple of Class B matches.

1940 October 17 mdnr  "Women's Texas Open"

Medalist Elizabeth Hicks of Pasadena, Cal. and Mrs. Ernest Blanton of Enid, Okla, square off today in the opening match of the quarter-finals of the Texas Women's Open golf Tournament. Mrs. Helen Hicks of Long Island, N.Y. and Miss Helen Dettweiller of Washington, D.C., top the lower bracket matches. Mrs. George Zaharias (the Babe) of Los Angeles is pitted against Mrs. I.G. Pray of Washington.  (*Note that the Helen Hicks and Babe Zaharias will go on to be part of the original players on the Women's Professional Golf Tour, to become the LPGA in the 1950's.)
*Note: Mrs. E.S. (Ernest) Blanton won the Oklahoma Women's State Amateur in 1931, 1932, 1947, 1948.  

1940 October 21 mdnr  "George Coleman, Jr., Wins Country Club Golf Title for Third time with Par-Shattering Round" 

Shattering par by five strokes on the last 18 holes, George Coleman, Jr., won possession of the Miami Country Club golf trophy for the third time, defeating John F. Robinson after a spirited rally of 3 and 2. The match ended on the 34th hole, after Coleman, two down at the start of the final half of the match, had overtaken Robinson at the three-quarters turn with a sub-par 34.He went on to blister the course with one shot below par going into No 7 for the last nine, where both took part 4's to terminate the duel. 

Robinson, who had taken a two-hole advantage during the 18 holes played Friday, was having trouble with his tee shots and his approaches yesterday. He was hooking his drives and shanking his iron shots. Despite this handicap, Robinson proved himself a "scrambler" coming in with a one-over par 73. 

Meanwhile, the remaining six flight of the annual tournament saw some upsets and close matches, all played over the 18-hole route. Jack Myers, shooting a 76, ousted Jim Bowers, 3 and 2 in a Class A event. Sam Fullerton entered the semi-finals of the same division by eliminating M.C Buck Bagby. Fullerton's next opponent, outstroked Clarence Carselowey, 2 and 1.  Myers will play Paul Wilson, victor over Luther Sheldon, in second round play, and the winner will meet Alderson Thompson, advancing by two forfeits, in the lower semi-final bracket.
J.C. Gob Taylor pulled the biggest upset of the day in Class B, defeating Carl Britt, 3 and 2 with a brand of par golf during the first 13 holes. Britt, who had driven all of "Sunday shots" in the morning while he negotiated 14 holes in par figures during a practice affair, couldn't get started in the afternoon tourney clash.  R.C. Hoot Gibson blasted Joe Thompson, 7 and 6, in another Class B contest and next will meet Ted Stith, who got a second round default. 

In Flight C, Lewis Bushner and H.E. McPhail are carded in a second round match, with Dee Watters bracketed with W.M. Williams in another. Dr. Matt Connell, recipient of the two forfeits, will meet the winner of the Ivan Estus-R. L. Longacre match in the lower half of the semi-final brackets.

Ward Settle pushed to the semi-finals of Class D with a 2-up victory over E.K. Scott and will meet the winner of the M.R. Flody-Frank Spencer battle.  C.S. Whitney will meet Ivan Fisher and Paul Stauffer will collide with W.L. Cooper in other Class D jousts.

Joe Payton advanced to the semi-finals in class E, eliminating Wesley Bullock 1 up in a stirring 19-hole scrap. Lloyd Staton nipped L.A. Wetzel, 2 and 1, in another Class E affair.  In Class F, Jim Campbell, four down at the halfway mark, came back strongly to defeat Nate Emery, 2 up.

1940 October 25 mdnr " Pairing in Golf Play"
Pro Jack Guild, urged that linksmen take advantage of favorable weather conditions and complete their rounds by Sunday. 
In a Class A match yesterday, Jack Myers shot a 76 for a 4 and 2 triumph over Paul Wilson. Myers next will meet Alderson Thompson in the semi-finals. 

Following are the pairing for the consolation events, only players who competed in the regular tourney being bracketed:
Class A:  C.L. Crab Grayson vs George Windham; Horace Payne vs Jim Bowers; Luther Sheldon, bye.
Class B:  Dr. Robert E. Baron vs Bert Wall; W.L. Williams vs Bill Neel; Wilton Taylor, bye, and Al White, bye.
Class C: M.K. Newell vs R.T. White; Phillip Peacock, bye.
Class D: W.J. Worley, bye; John Speer vs G.C. Niday; Eph Niday, bye.
Class E:  J.H. Simon, bye; Noel Wyatt vx Rusty Bullock; L.A. Wetzel, bye. 

40 October 30 mdnr  "Women Golfers Play Here"

In a women's tournament at Miami Country club Tuesday, Mrs. Floyd Newton had the fewest putts, 14, for nine holes. Mrs. C.E. Stover had low putts in Class B with 17. Fifteen participated in yesterday's tourney. Prizes were awarded the winners of the two flights. 

Next Tuesday the ladies will have another competitive event and the pairing will be announced in Sunday's issue of this newspaper. 

40 November 17 mdnr "Awards Night will be Observed at the Country club with Stag Dinner"

The Championship trophy, offered by Hotel Miami, was taken again by George Coleman, Jr.  His opponent in the finals, John F. Robinson, will get a pen set given by Simon's jewelry company. Other flight winners, runners-up and consolation claimants are :
Class A--Alderson Thompson, wrist watch from Simon's jewelry company; Sam Fullerton, a case of beer from Brown Stansell.
Class B--Ted Stith, radio from Settle's hardware;  J.C. Gob Taylor, sweater from B&K store.
Class C--Lewis Bushner, prize to be given by Coleman-Hutts drug store; Bob Longacre, $5 worth of car washes from Neosho Motor Company; Phillip Peacock, case of soft drinks from Carl Hilliard.  
Class D--Ivan Fisher, desk set from Dawson jewelry story; Frank Spencer, case of beer from Brown Stansell; Wilbur Worley, case of soft drinks from Carl Hilliard.
Class E--(Winner yet to be determined, probably today.) a travel set by Hub Clothing store to be awarded to titlist; three pair of hose from Charles Carselowey for runner-up.
Class F--Otto Witzansky, $5 cleaning credit from Grayson's Cleaners; Sam Long, runner-up a year's subscription of golf magazine, offered by City News Stand. 
Norton-Elliott Motor Company has offered several consolation awards, but in several divisions no winners were determined. 

1940 December 22 mdnr Social News

The young people of the Miami Country club are invited to the clubhouse at 3 o'clock this afternoon to help decorate the club and make arrangements for holiday festivities. Each person is asked to bring sandwiches and potato chips. 

*For the sake of the “Timeline of the Miami Golf and Country Club” I have chosen to use the exact words from the newspaper writers because they date the times and the language of golf, and the cultural standards from the war and depression years.